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About Us

Hello and welcome to Name It Labels,

We’ve been in the labelling business for over 20 years and love what we do.

We make and supply a careful selection of quality products and when it comes to different clothing labels and vinyl stickers we believe in keeping things 'simple and stylish' with options available for personalising. We're sure you'll notice this as you browse through our easy and secure online label shop.

Our most popular product is our iron on clothing labels. We are really really proud of these labels.
They are unique to the market and work a treat. Not only do we test our labels regularly ourselves, but we also check with some of our top customers including nursing homes and boarding schools who put our iron on clothing labels through their own commercial washers and dryers to make sure they last and stay put on the clothing.

Your name won’t fade and the label won’t come off the clothing. We guarantee it.

We also offer two types of sew on clothing labels for times when you want to the option to remove a label  – a printed polyester sew on type for machine sewing or an embroidered woven sew on label. Plus an array of quality vinyl waterproof stickers and our second most popular product after iron on labels - shoe labels.

Labelling clothing and personal belongings doesn’t have to be hard. It should be quick, easy and reliable. 

When you order with Name It Labels you’ll receive quality and stylish label products which in many cases outlast the items they are labelling!  We specialise in clothing labels and stickers, and a fast turnaround time for most orders. We appreciate people usually need their labels quickly.

Be organised in 2016 with simple and classic labels from Name It Labels!

We hope we have made the process of ordering as easy as possible on our user-friendly site.

If you have any feedback, questions or enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Phone 1800 793 134 or email Or see if our LIVE SUPPORT is online. 

Best wishes,

The team at Name It Labels