How to Label Uniforms

So what is a uniform and what is the best way to get it labelled?  (SEE bulk SPORTS UNIFORM Labels below)

Well firstly a uniform is usually considered an outfit which includes a set of standardised clothes—worn primarily for an educational institution such as schools and colleges. But don’t forget there are also many working professionals who are also required to wear uniforms such as the police, hotel staff and airplane crew to name a few.
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A set of uniformed clothing usually includes many different pieces which are worn for different parts of a job and/or during different seasons of the year. Usually you can quite literally count between 50-100 pieces which make up some uniforms. It can be quite a mammoth task to label all these parts!

Where do you start? How many labels will you need?
And what type of labels do you use on what material – there seems so many options out there!!?

We agree. There are many options, making what should be a simple task possibly complicated. BUT it doesn’t need to be. It can be done quickly and easily with simple classic iron on clothing labels that stand the test of time and do their job of identifying your clothing and personal belongings by returning them to their rightful owner if lost or misplaced.

So let’s start with a basic school uniform. Have you been given an inventory of the clothing that needs labelling?
Here’s a quick list of bits and pieces most commonly found in a school uniform.

Polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts, blouses, skirts, dresses, tracksuit top and trousers, white/ankle socks, sports socks, knee length socks, cardigans, jumpers, fleeces, school jerseys. Then there are usually other bits and bobs which might be compulsory like a sun hat, beret, cap, a tie and blazer. And also don’t forget sports gear including swimming costume, trunks, goggles, towels or specific sports shirts and shorts.
As you can appreciate it is quite easy to count up to 50 items.


Coming soon on our website, will be a lovely photo gallery showing many different items of a standard school uniform clearly labelled with iron on clothing labels and/or our sew on polyester clothing labels.


We’ll include tips and suggestions on how best to use these labels and the easiest place to put them on the uniform.
You’ll have the job done in no time and your labels will last longer than the kids are at school!


If you are a school or a club, and you loan out your uniforms, eg a sports uniform, then we can supply sequential numbering to make it easier for you  eg



To keep track of a sports top and a sports skirt that you have loaned out to a student, request two sets of each sequential number.  
You will then have two 001 for a complete set.  Label both the top and the skirt.  And then the next set can have two labels 002 for the next top and skirt.