Iron on Labels F.A.Q.



Will NAME IT Iron on Clothing labels last in the washing machine and dryer?


We regularly test our material to make sure our iron on clothing labels will last in a hot commercial washing machine and dryer (eg the big industrial type ones).

We continually receive fantastic independent feedback from our customers who buy our labels year after year for new students (attending boarding schools) and new residents (admitted to nursing homes).
They have an easy application - these labels iron straight onto your garment.
They will last years, probably longer than the clothes!  They do not break up over time - like some of the plastic ones on the market.

Can I use any home iron?

Mostly yes, but there are some new irons on the market eg Philips GC4913/30.that uses OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGY.
This new type of iron is not suitable for our iron on labels as when you switch the steam off, the temperature automatically lowers. These new irons are designed to work with steam all the time. But our iron on labels need a non-steam iron, and a cotton temperature.  


How are NAME IT Iron on clothing labels made?
NAME IT iron on labels are made from a blend of polyester and cotton.  This material is specifically designed for making quality iron on clothing labels!. The machine is operated by a real person who lays up each name and double checks to make sure the name looks good before hitting the print button. The name is printed in a black ink that will not fade in the wash. 

How are NAME IT Iron on clothing labels supplied?
Our clothing labels come in a sealed zip lock bag which keeps them together and safe until you are ready to use them. Inside the bag, our clothing labels are pre-cut and ready to use. The iron on clothing labels are 50mm long by 13mm high. (You can request smaller if you prefer, when you order, for baby clothes or smaller items of clothing eg socks. Or even request to split an order into some at 50mm and some at 35mm.  The smaller ones are ideal for socks.)  The labels come with instructions on how to use them and apply them to clothing. NB These labels need no transfer paper to use them. You can iron right on top of them.  Made from a polyester/cotton blend. 

Do NAME IT Iron on labels work on all fabrics and materials?
Most of them. For just about all fabrics except nylon and thermal/polypropelene.  For clothing that can take the heat of an iron - simply iron your label into place. Just iron over the top of the label. Press hard.  For clothing that won't take direct heat (eg wool) place a piece of baking paper over the top of the label  - to protect your wool - and iron it on.  Some delicate materials will take SHORT bursts of heat. ie PRESS HARD. Lift your iron. PRESS HARD. Lift your iron. 

I really don’t want iron on –  because although I like them, my Rest Home (or School ) says we can't have them? 
In this case, we have a lot of customers who buy our iron on, and then pop a stitch each end.  They find it much easier to have the label ironed into place, and then it is easy to reinforce it to meet the regulations. 

What colour text can I get for my Iron on clothing labels?
We print all our clothing labels – both the iron on and the sew on clothing labels in black text. Our black ink is guaranteed not to fade. It is the easiest and clearest to read against the white tape background. The labels look classic. If you are after a coloured sew on or iron on clothing label then email us. The other colours available for the text include Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Green. Please note any colour except black is not 100% colourfast.  They last fairly well but may fade after many washes.

HELP! I’ve ironed on my label and now want to get it off!?!
If your iron on clothing label has been ironed on correctly then there is little chance that it will come off cleanly as it is designed to adhere to the clothing permanently. If there is a case where you would like to ‘hide’ a label we can provide you with some blank iron on labels to iron over an existing label as one solution. Otherwise as mentioned above, our iron on labels are designed to be permanent solutions to naming your clothing and will not come off.  With some fabrics ie wool, you may be able to peel it off and take some of the wool fibres with it. 

Can you print the accents over e’s and other special characters in names?
Yes we most likely can. We copy and paste the names directly as you enter them in the box when placing your order online. So if you can type the word on a keyboard then we can print it for you. If for any reason you can’t find a special character then just ask us in the comment box and we’ll do our best to find it for you. A long as it’s not too complicated it won’t cost you anything extra.

Should I get one line or two on my Iron on clothing labels?
The 2nd line printed underneath the name is OPTIONAL ie you can leave it blank and we will centre the first line over the label.

However the second line is useful for a phone number, or perhaps a Room Number – if the person getting the labels resides permanently in a particular room or section of a rest home, then add this to the label. We also often have customers using the 2nd line option for a boarding school “House” name, or we print any wording of your choice eg a peanut allergy. Use the comment box when ordering to add in any special requests for your iron on labels.