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Save on labeling your school uniform

The majority of Australian schools require their children to wear a school uniform. There are many benefits to this rule, including uniformity, easy identification and branding purposes, as well as re … read more

Labeling things for your baby or toddler

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, scary and busy times of our lives! There is so much information to sort through, read and decide on. Which products will you buy? What brands will you use? H … read more

How to label socks with IRON on labels

Socks are one of the important items to label, not only for school uniforms but also for rest homes and the likes. This helps avoid lost property and is also good for hygienic reasons as it is better … read more

Full name or just the surname?

It is completely up to you what you would like printed on your Name It labels.We actually recommend printing a person's full name as this makes the label personalised and is easier for identification … read more