Full name or just the surname?

Jun 15, 2013

It is completely up to you what you would like printed on your Name It labels.

We actually recommend printing a person's full name as this makes the label personalised and is easier for identification purposes, especially if they have a more common surname like Smith or Jones.

These days many people are know or spoken to on a first name basis, especially at schools and rest homes. Hence having the first name on a set of printed labels as well as the surname really does make it quicker and easier to return a lost or misplaced item.

Printing the whole name, does not actually change the size of the label that you will get, it does however slightly change the font size. But be rest assured, our printer person who enters the details into the machine, will always check the layout before printing to make sure the name and size looks good on the label.

If you leave us a special request in the comment box like "please print bold and big" it is no problem for us to adjust the print for your labels and make them bigger and bolder than usual. We get asked this quite a bit for rest home labels and for those with diminished eye sight.

Don't forget you can also go for just the initial followed by the surname - especially if it is a very long surname. We like to put a full stop after the initial as well to make it look neat and tidy.