Here is a quick TIP guide on how to iron on NAME IT labels
If you have any problems at all, please contact us by phone or email. 
Our iron on labels are 100% guaranteed. 


THE BASICS for most fabrics

1. Heat your iron to the cotton setting. Select DRY. No steam.  Wait for the iron to fully heat.

No automatic temperature irons, as these irons will not heat up enough on a dry setting.  More info below. 

2. Iron the material where the label will go, to heat it up and give it some heat under the label.

3  Place your label onto your garment. 

4. Iron on top of the label firmly just for a few seconds to keep it straight and in place.  (Check it's not smudging or wrinkling. If so, then your heat is good, but use baking paper to stop the smudge.)    Then, re-iron over the top, moving the iron around, for several more seconds and at the same time push down back and forth.  MOST modern irons have a teflon coating and easily glide over the labels. 

Kitchen Baking Paper helps a) if your iron is old or has a NON TEFLON base and b) to protect some clothing from your hot iron, eg wool 

Why does my ink smudge?

If your ink smudges, it means you have a very good heat on your iron. That's a great start. Keep that same heat but use baking paper over the top of the label to stop the smudge. 

Why does my label wrinkle or stick to the iron?

If your label wrinkles you have a very good heat on your iron, so as above, that's great but use baking paper and keep that heat up high. It well help to seal the label and will stop any wrinkles.   

NB Remember, do not use a tea towel or an ironing cloth as they will stop the heat going through.  

IMPORTANT UPDATE. AUTOMATIC IRONS - are irons that do not have clear temperature controls, or the words COTTON or LINEN.  
Some new irons have a locked thermostat. The manufacturer makes them like that.  These irons don't heat up enough to seal an iron on label. You can't use an automatic iron with no clear heat settings. 



How long should I iron? 

  •  Depends on your material.  Press harder and longer for thick items like towels. A shorter time for light cotton eg a hanky.     Every iron is slightly different with its heat output. 

What should I do after ironing?

  • Always leave your label to cool down and set before washing - ideally 24 hours.
  • The glue in our labels will continue to set hard over the next 24 hours. But you can try to lift a corner, to make sure it is well sealed.  If not, increase your heat and re-iron directly over the top again.  Heat is the only thing needed. 

Why have my labels lifted after a few washes?

If any label lifts after a few washes, you need a higher heat.  It means the temperature of your iron, when you first ironed it, wasn't enough to fully activate the glue. See other reasons above eg having an auto thermosat iron.

Should I throw out a label that comes off in the wash?

Even a label from the bottom of the washing machine, can usually be re-used and will iron on with enough heat and application as above.   Dry your garment thoroughly.  Re-iron it on with a higher heat than before and press hard.  

How do I iron labels onto socks? 

We suggest placing the label onto the sole of the foot. Heel to toe. (Against the stretch)   Iron the sock first, to heat it up.  Place the label heel to toe. Iron directly on top of the label, (if you have a teflon, modern iron - otherwise use baking paper ) by pressing hard for a second to keep it in place, and then running the iron over it pressing hard. You can use baking paper if it's a wool sock but keep the heat up for a good seal. 

For socks you could use the shorter length iron on or just cut or trim your standard one down.   (You can ask us to split a standard pack of iron on eg for a 100 pack, ask us to print 80 standard length and 20 short length. Write this in the comment section of your order.)


I've ironed my label exactly as per instructions and they looked good, but on the first wash they fell off!!
If this happens, you need to ask what type of iron do you have? 

Do you maybe have an auto thermostat iron? Sometimes called  "Optimal Technology". They are great irons for steam ironing clothes but when you switch the steam off the temperature automatically lowers, and it is not possible to heat it up high enough to seal an iron on label.   If you only have an "auto" heat iron, you cannot use iron on labels. 


Why are Name It Iron On Labels unique?

...because you can iron right on top of the NAME IT iron on label at any time as they are made from a soft blend of cotton/polyester.  Other iron on labels on the market have a plastic surface and you can't iron straight over them.  This makes NAME IT labels easier to handle when ironing an item of clothing after washing and drying. 

We use a special material for use in commercial washing situations and driers.  

Will Name It Iron on Labels stick to all fabrics?

The only fabric our iron on labels will not stick to is nylon.  But materials that are a blend of nylon and polyester are alright. 

 Thank you for the wonderful support and feedback we get from you all! 

See our feedback comments on the iron on label page. These labels really work.  We have been selling our labels all round Australia for over 20 years. 

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