Custom Label PHOTOS

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From just $95.00 for 50 labels including postage and a proof. 

White or Black  Polyester.  Clear printing, washes well, no fade. No fray on any side. Black and white OR choose one colour from black, red, blue or green print. We can print back to back on this fabric eg logo on the front and care instructions on the back.  Machine sew across the top.

      polyester-white-aussie.jpg  black-polyester-proof.jpg swag-pocketz.jpg


White or Black Satin. This is a soft material. Great for a more luxurious feel. Best for cold wash. We can print logos in black and white OR choose one colour for all your label from black, red, blue or green print. Suitable for sewing each side for a brand name, or most often used as a looped label, with a brand on the front, and care instructions on the folded loop. Roll sizes are 15mm or 30mm, 


eleni-proof-satin-30mm.jpg  flava-proof2.jpg  toln-proof2.jpg



White Cotton - SEW or IRON.  A  natural cotton fabric.
Full colour available. Colour fade over time. The sew on is unsealed on all sides.
30mm or 50mm in the sew on.  38mm or 50mm in the iron on. 


 icare.jpg   simply-eco-proof.jpg

colour-cotton-for-mattress.jpg   cotton-sample-scriblr.jpg     cotton-oh-romeo.jpg






•    How much information do you want on your care label? Will it include washing instructions as well as details on the garments material composition? Are you going to have your logo on the label? Do you require different sizes to be printed on the label as well? These are typically the key questions you need to answer that provide the information needed for designing your label.  

•    Think about where you are going to sew on the label? Sewing the label at the top is more common, but other options such as side sewing or folding and/or looping the label and then sewing it into the garment are also possible. This decision will influence the way the text is set up on your label. 

Quantities can start with as little as a pack of 20 so there is no reason why you can’t have professional looking care labels for whatever products or clothing you are making and selling. 

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