How to Label Socks


We recommend you label the sock on the SOLE.  Lay the sock flat on the ironing board and iron the label against the stretch, ie from toe to heel.  


Socks are one of the important items to label, not only for school uniforms but also for rest homes. Children especially are taking their socks and shoes off for different activities and it is easy for items to get mixed up and misplaced.


Remember, socks are often BLACK and so using a marker or laundry pen won't work. Our labels have a white background with black font, so each name can easily be identified on the sock.

Labeling socks with Name It – Iron on Labels

All types of socks can be labelled eg woollen socks, cotton sports socks, polyester dress socks, school socks etc.  If you think the material will not take a direct iron, then use a piece of baking paper to protect the fabric.  But our ion on labels like direct heat. So try SHORT bursts of heat that will not damage your fabric.  Press hard on your label.  Lift your iron.  Press hard again.  Repeat. 

Where should I put my sock label?

Iron it into place on the sole of the sock is our suggestion.  When the sock is paired up, it is easy to see the name.   

Can I have a smaller label for socks?

Yes - we can print you some smaller labels at 35mm only. You don't need a long label on socks, but you might want a longer label for the back of a school uniform shirt. Our standard length is 50mm.  This seems to suit most clothes as the label is clear and easy to ready. But if you'd like us to include some shorter ones in your order, then let us know in the comment section.  (We are usually generous and include a bonus number for you, when you ask for some SOCK SIZE labels to be included. ) So if you order a set of 100 - and ask us to include 20 sock size labels- no problem!  We will probably send you 80 standard size and around 25 or 30 sock size at 35mm - ie a few bonus. . Just remember to ask us! 

Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to labeling socks with our labels:

  • If labeling short socks, like a sports sock or ankle sock - then place the Name It iron on clothing label lengthwise on the bottom of the sock so it runs from toe to heel under the arch.This is the part of the foot with the least amount of rubbing and we find our labels will adhere and last the longest if applied here.
  • If labeling longer socks, like a knee high school socks that folds down at the top, then an alternative to putting the label on the bottom is to put it up the top on the outside of the sock so when the sock is folded down the label sits underneath the fold. Again this position means the label doesn’t get rubbed when walking.  But generally, the sole is best.