How to Label Shoes

After our iron on clothing labels, the shoe label is the 2nd most popular and requested label we make. 

NAME IT Shoe Labels include a free set of COVERS to go over your sticky label -  increasing the life of the label. 

Here are the reasons why a shoe label is important.

What should you look out for when buying a shoe label?

Why is a shoe label so important?

  • Shoes are usually one of the most expensive items in a uniform and/or wardrobe and so are costly to replace. 
  • Shoes are taken on and off, whether it be during a school day, inside classrooms, or for sports events and activities or whilst living in a retirement home - so need good identification.
  • Shoes for school are part of a uniform and are often the exact same type of shoes.  Slippers in a rest home are similar, and people who wear uniforms for work which include footwear as part of the outfit, also need identification.
  • For hygienic reasons it’s best you know whose shoe belongs to who.

What to look for in a good shoe label:

  • Quality vinyl and stickability are two really important factors.
  • The shape of the label should offer the least resistance and allow the sticker to stay in place the longest – an oval shape or rounded corners is best.
  • Clear and bold text
  • Enough space to include a phone number, room number or any important additional information underneath the name which also helps in allowing the item to be returned quickly
  • WIth NAME IT SHOE LABELS we also provide a set of CLEAR covers with every order. Place them over your sticker to increase the life of the sticker.

Name It shoe labels are easy and quick to apply.  Leave them overnight after placing inside the shoe - for the glue to attach. 
They are long lasting, waterproof and made of quality vinyl. 

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