Sequential Iron On Labels

These are a great idea if you need to keep track of things and get organised.


Are you responsible for looking after a big catalogue of theatre costumes?

How do you keep track of what items are being used for which play or who borrowed what clothing for a dress rehersal?

With sequential iron on clothing labels you can have all your items individually numbered and corresponding to a master list. There is enough room for two lines - for instance, the dramatic society on the top line "Rose Centre Theatre" and then on the second line underneath you could subdivide or categorise the wardrobe items e.g. "1920's theme 001-200" or "Classics 01-99". You could keep track of jackets and pants by doing "Jackets 01-50" and "Pants 01-50".

Do you have to keep track of a sport's uniform that is loaned out each term?

This also works well for Sport's Teams and schools who need to lend out uniforms and bits and bobs and keep track of who has what and what has been returned. For instance, a netball uniform can be sequentially labelled with the iron on clothing labels, including the skirts and bibs in certain sets.

Pymble Public School

Pymble Public School


 If you are after sequential iron on clothing labels then please order these through our regular iron on clothing labels page and just add in the comments box the sequential numbers you need on the 2nd line or use the comments box for your special requests.