Save on labeling your school uniform

Jan 25, 2014

The majority of Australian schools require their children to wear a school uniform. There are many benefits to this rule, including uniformity, easy identification and branding purposes, as well as reducing the chance of bullying because all children are dressed the same.

The Department of Education and Training believes "a school uniform or a school dress code will develop in students an understanding of the importance of personal neatness, appearance, presentation and self discipline and that this learning experience will assist the student to enter the workforce with these personal skills".

However it does mean parents need to ensure each part of the uniform is clearly labeled to minimise confusion and lost property. The initial outlay to purchase a school uniform can be very expensive, so Name It labels offer their popular value packs where you can save over 30% and get 100 iron on clothing labels, 50 stickers, 50 mini stickers and 20 shoe labels with covers, all for only $59.

A whole uniform can be labeled including socks, hats and stationary and still leave you with some spare labels to use for winter items or extra bits and pieces later in the year.

Remember there is no extra cost to have a second line on the label underneath the name to include a phone number or email address to help with returning any lost items.

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