What is so special about Name It IRON on labels?

Jun 17, 2015

We've been making and selling Name It Iron on labels for over 20 years now and in that time we've seen lots of other  label companies come and go on the market. We've kept our labels simple and plain because that is the 2nd most important thing people asked for and wanted. What was the first thing they wanted? - To make sure the Iron On labels STAY STUCK!

And we agree! This is the most important thing for the label to do, to stay put for years and years through wash after wash.

We guarantee that a home iron will do this - and we continue to regularly test our material to make sure it does.

Our material is specifically designed for making just iron on labels for clothing. They are UNIQUE to the market because you can iron them without any covering paper or protection. They are made from a soft blend of cotton/polyester. You can iron them over and over at any future time when a garment comes though the wash.  They become a part of your fabric and can take the heat of an iron. They are NOT plastic coated.  These labels will stand the test of time. 

Sometimes we get asked if we can do little icons and pictures on our labels - and although some people like these, we find the majority of our customers prefer easy to read and clear names only, as this type of label will last for years.  . This is especially true for schools and rest homes. Kids tend to quickly out grow something they were into last year and as our labels will last years and years, our customers tend to agree it is probably better to stick to a plain style label which won't age but will actually last and do the job properly.

Name It labels are experts when it comes to Iron-On clothing labels. Our labels are specifically made for this purpose.