Labeling things for your baby or toddler

Jan 25, 2014

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, scary and busy times of our lives! There is so much information to sort through, read and decide on.
Which products will you buy? What brands will you use? How many of this item will you need and so on?

Once you decide on the products and items you will buy for your new baby you need a clever, discrete and nice way to label the items. Especially popular items other Mums may have as well, and things that go to Kindergarten or play group with your toddler. How will you tell which bottle is yours if things get mixed up? Or if you leave something behind - how can it be returned to you? Should you put just the name of your baby or toddler, or should you also include your cell phone number underneath so if an item is left behind at say a local cafe you can then be contacted and arrange to pick it up next time you pop by.

Name It labels has made the job easy and you can find further information about various products that can be custom made to better suit a baby or toddler.

Remember - just request BABY SIZE please in the comment box on any of our items. 

Baby sized IRON-On labels are just 35mm instead of 50mm. 

Stickers and Mini Stickers which are waterproof and dishwasher safe and ideal for bottles and feeding equipment are generally useful in the standard size.

Shoe labels can be requested. Just write BABY SIZE please, in the comment box.  We always read the comments our customers write.