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How To Iron on Labels

Here is a quick guide on how to iron on NAME IT labels


1. Heat your iron to the cotton setting. No steam. Wait for your iron to heat.  (As everybody's iron is a little different, we just suggest around the cotton setting.)

2. Iron the material where you are going to place the label to heat it up. 

3.  Place your label onto your garment and give it one firm iron to hold it in place. PRESS HARD. Then move your iron over the top of your label for about 7  to 10 seconds. (Some garments will only need 5 seconds.) It is important that you have enough heat in your iron to activate the glue. That's all it needs.   See video on the home page.

The glue in our labels will continue to set hard over the next 24 hours

Do not wash your garment for the next 24 that it has time to set.  

THE PICK TEST - Try to pull the label at the sides after it has cooled. If it comes easily then it means it didn't iron on correctly, most likely you did not have enough heat - increase the heat of your iron and jrepeat above. 

Tips for DELICATE fabrics.

Fabrics that are made of wool, or some polyesters, or even merino are suited to short bursts of heat.  Place your label on the garment and press for SHORT periods of time, to protect the fabric.  

You can use kitchen baking paper to protect your material but not a cloth. The heat must get through to your label to melt the glue and a cloth, even a thin cloth, will stop the heat. If you use baking paper, make sure your iron is hot enough to go through. Increase your heat if using baking paper. You will need more heat with baking paper, than ironing directly on to the label. 


Label socks on the SOLE, ie under the foot. Put the label toe to heel. 

Your NAME IT LABELS are fantastic and UNIQUE. They are especially designed for AGED CARE and for use  in commercial wash.  We often get people phoning us to ask is there anyway to get them off!  That's how well they stay on.

The difference with NAME IT Iron on labels is that you can iron directly onto your label at any time.  This is helpful when ironing after washing your garment.  

You can iron right on top of the NAME IT iron on label which is very useful. Other iron on labels on the market have a plastic feel that you cannot let your iron touch directly, and this makes it difficult to iron a shirt.  Our labels are a cotton/polyester mix and you can iron over them at any time. 




We guarantee that our Iron on labels will continue to stay put. See our feedback!  We regularly test our new batches of material when it arrives from the manufacturer, to make sure it does. They are used in heavy commercial washing machines in Rest Homes, Aged Care and Boarding Schools. Our machines and our material are specifically designed for making iron on labels for clothing. We have 23 years experience with this product. 

How can you tell if they are properly applied?

You will be able to tell because our iron on labels will look literally ironed into the garment and you will not be able to pick it off, after the 24 hour cooling down period.

You will see that the backing glue has been activated and the label has almost become part of the garment.