Stick On - Mini Size

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Our MINI-stickers will adhere to hard surfaces including wood, plastic, metal or glass. They are made from QUALITY vinyl. They are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe. Satisfaction guaranteed with these durable labels.

Popular items to label with these MINI stickers are pens, pencils, rulers, toys, CD's, mobile phones, lunch tins and drink bottles....and reading glasses! 

  • 100% Waterproof, Dishwasher safe and UV resistant  
  • 50mm X 6mm with rounded corners to stay on longer. (Other sizes or CUSTOM labels available if you email us) 
  • Still easy to read at this size
  • Choose your own colours

We print the way you write it  on your order (i.e. CAPITALS or Upper and Lower Case).
Please write in the comment box for any special requests with your order.
We can also print onto clear material. Just request in the comment box that you would like clear stickers and we will do it.

Please note: These labels are not suitable for clothing. Order iron on or sew on labels for clothing.

23 Reviews

  • 5
    awesome labels

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19, 2016

    This is the 2nd year I have bought labels from you and quality and price never fail. I'll be back next year for more.

  • 5
    Only ever buy "Name it" Labels.

    Posted by Love these Name It Lables on Jul 23, 2015

    I've been buying these labels for 6years now. I have labled everything. I love these. They are long lasting, durable, very easy to use. My lables stand out a mile. Everyone knows my belongings because they are on everything - clothing, containers, shoes, bags, umbrellas, phones, iPods everything... Don't buy lables anywhere else only buy from "Name It" you watch you will keep reordering just like me.. Just got me a 500 pack for $55 now that should last for ages. Kind regards Louise

  • 5
    excellent value

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12, 2015

    Excellent colour selection, easy to read lettering and easy to use labels ensure that this product is worthy of the 5 star rating. My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed labelling their school equipment and the ease of use enabled them to do it independently of adults. I'll be ordering again next year for my grandchildren's school equipment.

  • 5
    Simple and effective

    Posted by Penny on Mar 01, 2014

    These labels are simple and practical and best of all they stay on.

  • 4
    Mini labels

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 28, 2014

    Yes, these labels work!

  • 5
    Perfect for pencils

    Posted by Rebecca on Feb 16, 2014

    These labels are perfect for pencils and pens.

  • 5
    Mini stick on name label review

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 11, 2014

    Very happy with these labels, they're easy to use and so far have stood the test of time

  • 5
    Cool labels

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20, 2013

    Just labelled all my kids colouring pencils and artwork supplies - three kids, three different sets and they all know who's is who's now so no fighting!! I got three sets in different colours too. Awesome product.

  • 5
    Great for babies bottles

    Posted by Elizabeth Donaldson on Jun 20, 2013

    These actually do what they say and are truly waterproof and last after lots of dishwashing. I used them on all my babies bottles as we travelled lots and I had different sets for different places. Really like this product Name It labels, thank you! :)

  • 5
    Great size

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20, 2013

    Actually got these in our value pack but thought it was worth writing a review on them because they are a really good size. Didn't think I would use them but have used them all before the other sized stickers. I like that I could choose the background colour too. Ours were RED!

  • 5
    good size

    Posted by Anthony on Jun 20, 2013

    I wasn't really into big stickers and wanted something discreet and nice and tidy, these were great for what I wanted. glad I found them online actually cause I need more!