How to Sew On Labels


Did you have sewing lessons at school? 

Did you learn from your mother?  Do you own a sewing machine?

We think you are in the minority today!  

Sewing on our polyester labels is much easier with a sewing machine.  Our polyester sew on labels are designed to be machine sewn - not hand sewn. 

The polyester sew-on material is very strong, very durable, but those qualities, make it very tough to hand sew.  

To machine sew - simply lay your pre-cut polyester sew on label flat onto your garment. Machine sew all around, with small, tight stitches. We have some photos on our sew on polyster page.   

To hand sew - use small, very tight stitches - if you have to hand sew the polyester labels. The material is quite tough, so you need a sharp needle. If the stitches are too large, they might pull through the material.  If you can only hand sew ( no machine ) we recommend you purchase the iron on and then put a hand stitch each side after ironing. 

How to sew WOVEN sew on labels?

If you don't have a sewing machine or if you find sewing by hand a little difficult, then we do recommend you purchase our woven labels, as the woven material is easier to hand sew. It is softer. 

Did you consider that our IRON ON LABELS can be SEWN as well?

Our iron on labels can take a stitch AFTER ironing, as an alternative. They do not need a stitch to stay on.  But some people for extra peace of mind, like to sew on a label.  SOme Rest Homes demand it !  We know our Name It iron on labels are a little easier to stitch as they have a mixture of cotton and polyester.  We suggest you iron them into place and then put a couple of stitches each end to reinforce if you want to.  

Does your rest home insist on SEW ON labels?

Some rest homes insist on all labels being sewn into place. They will not even accept an iron on label on admission!  (We think this is because there are so many bad iron on labels on the market, and they haven't come across our unique NAME IT labels. We have fantastic feedback from Rest Homes who have tried our labels. If you are a Rest Home Manager reading this - please email us for a FREE sample!)

For Rest Homes that demand a sew on label, and you only have the option to hand sew,  we do recommend you purchase iron on labels and then stitch those as well, for reinforcing. Slightly easier to hand sew our iron on, than the polyester sew on. 

For any other advice or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.