Name Labels for School

Getting organised for school is a busy time of year and one of the important jobs is labelling the school uniform.


Whether your school makes labelling the uniform compulsory or not, it will save you time and money in the long run if your kids school uniform is labelled properly from day one.

Things to check?
How many pieces total are there to label? Remember to count socks as 2 pieces and also think about items like hats (which are taken on and off and easily misplaced) and sports uniforms as well.

If you are purchasing your labels at the beginning of the school year in Summer time, think about the Winter uniform half way through the year and what extras might need labelling.

Usually it is pretty easy to count up to 40-50 clothing items that will need to be labelled as part of the school uniform and this is just for those who are at regular school not boarding school.

Most pieces in a school uniform are clothing made of cotton and/or polyester and luckily these days there are specific iron on clothing labels and tags which are purposely made for this type of material.

Gone are the days when iron on clothing labels just didn’t stand the test of time for wash after wash. If correctly applied with a medium to hot iron (in order to activate the glue on the backing) then iron on clothing labels will adhere properly into the clothing and be there probably longer than your kid is at school!

Not many Mums or Dads out there are familiar with the old sewing machine and to be honest, sewing is a very time consuming activity! 

We would definitely recommend the iron on clothing labels for all school clothing labels. You need to set aside some time to set up your iron and work your way through labelling the school uniform but once the job is done, the labels will stay put for years and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your best to help reduce the occurrence of lost property and theft.

For more information on prices and ordering your labels for school, visit our page on iron on clothing labels.