Nursing Home Labels

If a loved one is entering a nursing home or respite care you most likely will have to organise for their personal belongings to be labelled. This can be quite a task and if the move is unexpected it's hard to get everything organised quickly.

Many of our loyal customers over the years have provided positive feedback on our iron on clothing labels for this purpose. The job of labelling all the clothing is usually left up to a daughter or son and to be honest the majority of us just don't know how to sew. It's becoming a lost skill or art.

Aged care facilities and/or hospitals sometimes recommend sew on clothing labels because iron on labels just won't last in a big commercial wash and dryer.  THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE. Advances in iron on material means that they do stay on!  Name It Labels has the latest and most effective iron on material that lasts in a commercial wash. So easy to use! 

You can trust our Name It Iron On Labels as they are unique to the this market, needing no transfer paper. They iron right on to the garment and can be ironed again and again when the item is washed. (Some plastic-type iron on labels cannot take direct heat.) 

We want you to know our iron on clothing labels are different.

They come pre-cut ready to iron on. You basically just need a hot iron with no steam!

If you can operate an iron, you can definitely successfully apply our iron on clothing labels.This will make your job of getting everything labelled and organised much much easier.

Our labels come on a white background with black text printed in a plain classic font which is easy to read and clear.

If you let us know in the comment box the labels are for an older person, we are happy to make the text a little larger and more bold.

Also it isn't a problem to print the whole name - first and last name. We think this makes the labels more personal and it does not effect the length of the label. If we think there might be an issue with the length or size of the writing we will let you know as we individually check and lay up each name before pushing the print button!

If you ARE a sewer or you have someone who is willing to do the sewing of the clothing labels, then by all means we have two different options available for these types of clothing labels. If you are a MACHINE sewer, then you will like our polyester sew on clothing label or if you can only HAND SEW, you may like our more traditional woven embroidered sew on label. The polyester are less expensive. The woven take a little extra time to produce. It just depends what you personally prefer. Either way we hope we are able to provide you with different choices for your loved one entering the rest home or nursing home in order to get all their belongings labelled quickly and efficiently.

Remember a packet of SHOE labels is also helpful, and a small packet of STICK ON Name Labels will help label extra items like hairbrushes, make up, glasses, containers in the bedside cabinet etc. 

If you have any questions or need further information or guidance on what labels will suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.