Rest Home Name Labels


When purchasing labels for a Rest Home or Nursing Home we recommend our Iron On clothing labels.

We often get told…
“The rest home Manager told me to buy only sew on labels, as the iron on labels will fall off in the wash”.

Please trust us, the Name It Iron On Labels will NOT come off in a commercial wash in a Rest Home. We guarantee it. Our iron on labels are unique and will stay on for years.  People sometimes phone us to ask is there a way to get them off!

Our iron on clothing labels have been manufactured for the sole purpose of labelling clothing and surviving the heat of the wash and dryer in a commercial setting like a Rest Home or Boarding School. They usually outlast the life of the clothes.

Remember - our iron on labels will stay on but you can put a stitch in them after ironing them on, if your Rest Home demands it!

They are easy to use, and having something ironed into place before adding a small stitch is much easier than a fiddly sew on. 

Iron on can be used on almost every garment including socks - place them on the sole of the foot.  

Either iron them straight onto your garment, or if your garment won't take the heat of an iron, simply COVER the label and garment with some baking paper/kitchen paper, and then iron them on.

Every iron is slightly different and of course clothing is made up of a multitude of different fabrics. BUT this is where Name It iron on clothing labels are so simple to use. You can use them with any iron, as long as it heats up properly and you don’t need steam.

Our easy to use instructions come with your labels – but here is an idea for how to apply them:

NAME IT IRON ON LABELS are for all clothing - just remember the basics, no steam and wait for your iron to heat up properly before using. Iron the label onto your clothes. PRESS HARD. Repeat. Several times. Then wait for the label to cool down. After this, a good test is to try to pick off the label with your fingertips. If the corners come up easily, then you have not used enough heat. But no problems - simply re-iron at a higher heat setting, perhaps using a piece of baking paper over the top, so you can increase the heat on your iron without concern. (Don't use a thick cloth like a tea towel as it won't let the heat through enough.)

We guarantee your labels will stay on your garment for rest home and nursing home use.

We even sometimes have calls from people who wish to remove an iron on label for one reason or another, and sometimes this is just about impossible to do, - especially if it is a cotton fabric.  They stick like glue.

If you would like the ability to remove labels at a later date, please look at our range of Sew On Clothing labels.

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is a busy and stressful time, especially if this event is unexpected.
here is a lot to get organised, including labelling all belongings. Therefore it is important your clothing labels will stay in place, on the clothes, through the commercial wash and dryer in a Rest Home or Nursing Home. 

For this reason we highly recommend our Iron On clothing labels.

Our 100 pack of iron on labels is $38. This is our most economical purchase, as 50 labels is $28. How many to get, is usually based on how many clothes need labelling and how long a stay - whether it is a short term stay or a long term move to a care facility and if further items/clothes will be purchased and need labelling later on.

If you let us know in the comments section, when you are ordering your labels for the purpose of Aged Care / the elderly we will make the print larger and bolder. Alternatively, we can reduce the length/size of the label for more discrete labelling. Just let us know what you are after. We are more than happy to help and make your labels just perfect.

Our service is fast and there is free delivery through Australia post.  See Delivery Section.