Clothing Care Labels


There are so many possibilities when designing a clothing care label.
Here are some tips and advice when thinking through the design of your future label.
The more information you can provide us with then the easier we can help you with setting up your label.  –

•    Decide what colour fabric you would like. WE have black or white fabric. The majority of care labels are made with white fabric with black text. This seems to be the industry standard and means a more classic style label. With our black fabric, the print appears a soft white/grey styled text colour. Perhaps giving a more discrete / designer look to the label?

•    If you choose white fabric, there is alao a choice of text colour apart from standard black. We have green, red or blue.  We don’t print more than one colour on the label though so if you choose red – then all the printing on the label needs to be red. NB Green, Red or Blue are 95% colour fast. There may be some fade after many washes.

•    How much information do you want on your care label? Will it include washing instructions as well as details on the garments material composition? Are you going to have your logo on the label and do you require different sizes to be printed as well? These are typically the key questions you need to answer that provide the bulk of information needed for designing your label

•    Where or what side of the label are you going to sew into the garment. Sewing the label at the top is again more common, but other options such as side sewing or folding and/or looping the label and then sewing it into the garment are also possible. This decision will influence the way the text is set up on your label.

•    Related to this decision is the orientation of your label. It can be either portrait or landscape.

•    Text can also be centered or aligned to the left or right side

•    Different parts of the text can easily be made BOLD or in italics

•    It’s no problem to include a website, if there is room or an email address

Remember quantities can start with as little as a pack of 50 so there is no reason why you can’t have professional looking care labels for whatever products or clothing you are making and selling. 

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